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Decks & Fencing

BlueNova Construction can build many types of decks

Most everyone enjoys lounging on a deck or the privacy of a good-quality fence line; therefore decks and fencing can be an excellent addition to your condominium property or residential home. BlueNova Construction can build many types of decks and erect a variety of fences, giving you the choice you need to suit your home.

Most of the choices for a deck surround the railing types and the flooring material; the actual construction of the deck will depend upon the way the home is situated and which way is the most sturdy. Decking material includes pressure treated wood, wood and plastic composite, vinyl, rubber composite, plastic and metal. The railing types also vary with wood, metal, plastic and many other choices. We can consult with you to ensure your deck is exactly what you want.

Fencing can be something as simple as a wooden fence to one that is sophisticated and elegant, such as a brick fence with iron finials. It all depends on what the use of the fence is for; is it for privacy, or to demark the garden on your property?

BlueNova Construction will look at the use of the fence and then recommend which type of material you should use.