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We can handle any type of exterior renovations or replacement

When visiting a potential home, a buyer’s first impression is always taken from the exterior of a condominium. Is the paint bright and crisp, or is it dull and flaking? Do the balconies look strong, or weathered and beaten? Has the roof been redone lately, or is it in need of refurbishment? All of these questions and more are important to a potential home buyer – which is where BlueNova Construction can come in.

We can handle any type of exterior renovations or replacement, including roofing, decks and fencing, siding, soffit and facia, painting, and windows and doors. Roofing is a large part of a condominium’s attraction, especially for those who live on the top floor. Leaky roofs can cause many problems, and expensive ones at that if the problem is not caught quickly.

Decks and fencing are excellent additions to any condominium. Depending on local building codes and the building itself, decks can be widened, or refreshed with new footing and new railings. Fences can be renovated, making the condo look more modern and fresh.

BlueNova Construction can also install or replace siding, soffit and facita, plus renovate or add windows and doors. No matter your exterior project, we can help you complete the job as cost-effectively and as efficiently as possible!