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Windows & Doors

BlueNova Construction excels in installing windows and doors

New windows and doors can not only update your condominium or property, they can lend to increased rental revenue for retail and an easier sale for residential. When matched properly, windows and doors can be part of a property’s charm rather than just being something functional. BlueNova Construction can replace or rehang doors or add new door entryways, and the same goes for windows as well.

The most common type of door is a slab, but the customizations abound; you can choose to have either a flush or textured door (one that is smooth compared with one that has indentations or patterns in the wood); there are French doors (two doors that lock in the middle and open outward); gliding doors, which slide open; and Dutch doors, where there are two halves to the door, top and bottom, that open independently. There are not only different types of wood that can be used for these doors, but different stains as well, plus you can have customized glass panes installed.

Windows also come in a variety of types and sizes, with many ways for the windows to be opened (such as sliding horizontal and vertical, and windows that open outward); you can also choose to have different textures of glass, from frosted, plain to even bubbled. BlueNova Construction excels in installing windows and doors and can help you decide which type would be the best for your project.